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portable Gas Analyser

portable Gas Analyser



AutoGas™气体排放分析仪是一种坚固耐用的便携式气体分析仪,它带有PC电脑软件,可以运行于任何window平台.。它专为用于不但需要耐用,而且需要非常高的精度来诊断汽车故障的环境而设计。不带额外的显示部件需要和PC一起使用,就可以使AutoGas™高质量的气体排放分析仪有效节省成本。4气和5气的分析仪可以用于测试HC, CO, CO2, O2, NOx, Lambda和空燃比。这种分析仪器的性能超越了例如ASM/BAR97,OIML,和BAR90的测量规范要求。这种分析仪安装在坚固耐用的箱子里,以免于接头受到任何碰撞而掉落受损。软件可运行Windows 95™, Windows 98™, Windows NT™, Windows ME™, Windows 2000™, Windows XP™, 和Windows Vista™上。与PC连接时需要一条带有一个com端口和一个USB端口的连接线。也有可选套件只要USB接口即可连接。






柔韧的 25英尺长的软管







     这款分析仪器和取样系统被设计成这样是为了提供一种拥有自动排水功能和坚固耐用的过滤装置的完全便携的产品。分析仪器的快速预热和高精准性可以让维修技术人员在维修厂现场使用或者在路上测试。这种设计适用于有需要使用便携式尾气检测装置的政府部门和车队。 这AutoGas™ 尾气分析仪用于很多 R&D研发部分和需要利用其强大的数据存储库的大学里,还有是那些需要跟我们的柴油检测装置一起使用的客户。



HC, CO, CO2, Lambda, Air Fuel, NOx. Has optional RPM and Oil Temp.

(NOx on 5-gas units only)





Durable high strength aluminum case with all of the connections on the inside of the case. With this unique design, all of the connections are protected from accidental droppage.





User friendly design to make it easy to use without extensive computer knowledge.





Automatic water removal to remove water from the vehicle's exhaust as the analyzer runs. Some systems require you to shake out the water out of the filter. Pocket Gas™ does this automatically. The water is removed continuously as the system is operated to eliminate frequent purging.





Unique float system to prevent damage to analyzer if exhaust sample probe lands in water.





Zero air port which helps guaranty accurate emissions readings and allows the gas analyzer to zero without removing the sample probe from the vehicles exhaust pipe.





Accurate system meets and exceeds accuracy specifications of ASM/BAR 97, OIML, BAR90, etc.





Applus+ Autologic, Inc.'s 48 hour service guaranty. If your unit requires service, we will repair the unit in 48 hours at our factory. If we cannot repair it in 48 hours, we provide a loaner until service can be completed.





Universal Power supply for 90-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz. 12 Volt Cigarette lighter plug and 12 volts battery clamps included. (some items optional)





25 foot sampling hose and probe included outfitted with quick disconnects.





High strength armor cloth carrying case for storage of all components. (some models)





Use with any Laptop PC running Windows® or with PC desktop configuration.





Fast 2 minute warmup.


Temperature: 0 - 50 °C oper., -20 to 70 °C storage

Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing

Altitude -300 to 2,500 m

Vibration 1.5 G sinusoidal 5-1000 Hz.

Shock 1.22m drop to concrete floor (gas analyzer)

Response time 0-90% <= 8 seconds for NDIR measurements


Large digital meters with pull-down lists for easy viewing of gases from any distance.





One touch click for data recording. Record data over long profiles second by second or change interval for tests like engine brake in.





International software with English and Metric units. Built in language translation allows software to be translated without programming knowledge. (Includes most languages. Consult Applus+ AutoLogic, Inc. for more details.)





Data saved in industry standard relational database format. Great for research and development facilities who wish to record emissions data. Great for fleets testing with many cars. Often a technician may start work on one vehicle and move to the next vehicle before finishing the first. This database stores an almost unlimited amount of data from many vehicles so that one technician may work on many vehicles or many technicians may work on many vehicles simultaneously.





All emissions are tied to the customer and vehicle allowing for recall later on for comparison purposes.





Two Speed Idle (TSI) test in addition to digital readout of emissions. This enables easy comparison to state inspection test results. This also provides garage owners and technicians with an easy way to assure that everyone is testing the vehicle the same way before and after repairs. Data is collected automatically and the technician is guided through the test with clear on screen prompts.








Real time graphing of emission data allows for viewing of trends and quick comparison of signals.





Runs on any PC running Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows NT®, Windows® ME, Windows® 2000, Windows XP® and Windows Vista® (32-bit version only) with one available com port and one available parallel port. Optional kit available for users with only USB ports.







Gas Measurment Ranges











0.001 vol%



0.01 vol%



0.01 vol%




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